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Family Home Evening: SodaRush Style

For our family home evenings
or family dates, 
we really have to have a short lesson about something we want to teach Svea
and then have a fun, attention grabbing activity 
to keep her interested. 
I know I'm not the only one who has been envying Utah
for their abundance of adorable soda and cookie shops for everyone to go to. 
What a perfect family date!

So when I heard that a place called SodaRush was opening
right here in AZ
I was immediately eager to visit 
and see what they had to offer!

We went out for a family date there
(it's a pretty far drive for us to the East Valley)
and it was WELL worth it!
Svea thoroughly enjoyed feeding her Pappa cotton candy, 
we all devoured some of their gourmet cookies
(you MUST try the "Sugar Smash")
and had fruity sodas mixed with cream. 
It was such a low key and fun night together
in a colorful place. 
We got to meet the small business owners 
and they are just the sweetest people!

If you are ever out in the East Valley, 
I highly recommend SodaRush for a sweet stop 
and supporting the dreams of an awesome family. 

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