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Tiger Mamma Feature: Our Happily Ever After

Have you ever read about someone online 
and thought, 
"Wow. I could be best friends with that person." 
I have. 
I started reading Ali's blog
years ago when I stumbled across it
and I was amazed by 
how her hilarious, witty comments made me laugh out loud
and her Disney obsession made me want to be her best friend in real life. 

I remember reading about how her husband would play
a game with her by putting in a random Disney VHS
to test how long it took her to guess the movie just by the previews. 
Just like that I was her biggest fan!

Lucky for me, 
I had the opportunity to meet her at a blogger meet up
and despite my real-life introverted nature toward people I don't know, 
she got me talking and 
what do ya know?
We were friends. 

Her adventures with her two sweet, sassy little girls, her hubby, 
and their love of Disney is so much fun to read along with
and she tells you all of the secrets of Disneyland!
I love getting to see this lady in real life too
because she is so genuine and her personality comes across 
perfectly in her writing.
I secretly aspire to getting to go to Disneyland with her someday!

She also is crafty as can be
and creates her own line of handmade jewelry
for her shop
Just An Armful of Sugar.
My favorite are her elegant bracelets that she can customize in any color.

Check out her description of what being a Tiger Mamma means to her


check out the latest post in her Disneyland series!

Comment below with your favorite Disney character for an extra entry 
and enter via Rafflecopter for more!

You could win this epic, huge tiger wearing Mickey ears blanket!
It's big enough to snuggle me, Lance, and Svea for a movie night
and I have a brand new one all ready for you to win!

Two of the other prizes you can win are The Illustrated Compendium of Amazing Animal Facts by Maja Sälström and a hand embroidered hoop by me. 

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