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Tiger Mamma Giveaway Feature: Alohamora - Open A Book

When I was little,
my mother worked hard to cultivate a love for reading in me.
She made sure that I had access to any type of book that I was
interested in so that I would want to delve into new worlds
and new ways of thinking.
In third grade I can actually vividly remember her saying,
"I heard about this book called Harry Potter and it's supposed to be really good!
I ordered it for you so it should come soon!"
I heard the words "Harry Potter"
and thought,
"Ew. That book sounds dumb. Even the name is boring."
Never in my life have I made the severe mistake of writing off a
book because of its cover or title ever again.

I devoured every word of that book when it arrived.
I discovered not only a love of imagination
and a true admiration for Hermione Granger,
but I also learned in that one book
how passionate I could be about reading.

It was no longer about sounding out words
or trying to figure out what the plot of a story was.
Reading now meant losing myself in a completely new world
where anything was possible
and light could always conquer darkness.

My mother had unknowingly completed her mission,
of wanting to instill in me a love of reading, right then and there.
I grew up, and as I grew, Harry grew up too.
As I became more knowledgeable,
the books became longer and more complex.
As I learned about all of the emotions in life,
Harry experienced them all as well.
I carried him in my heart as the flame of hope
that books allowed me to feel-
hope in impossible things being possible.  

shares that same love of reading as I do
and, true to her blog name, she loves Harry as well.
On her blog, Megan talks about all things book related
and shares all sorts of amazing books that she loves.
The really special part about this is that she had to overcome a learning disability
to be able to find the joy that she now has in reading.

It is so inspiring to me that she was able to find her love of reading
and also became a librarian who lives by the philosophy that
"Everyone can love to read; sometimes they just need help finding the right book to get it all started."

Having been a third grade, special education teacher,
I remember trying to do just that with my students.
One young boy in particular was very disconnected from school
because of his learning disability.
He hated everything school related
and refused to actually speak for most of the year,
but I spent countless hours with him searching out just the right books
that he might want to attempt reading.
At the end of the school year,
he brought me a card from his mother
who wrote to me that he had voiced to her
that he had had the best year of school in his life
and that he had actually chosen to read books with her at home on several occasions.
My eyes welled up with tears
and I choked back my emotions
as I remembered when I fell in love with reading all those years ago.
What a gift I had in being allowed to share in his journey of learning to love reading.

Megan is, I am certain, on that same mission-
To share reading with the people she helps in her work
and to the people she reaches out to on her blog.
It is truly a great work to do.

One of my favorite recent posts from Megan's blog is
this post about Finding Winnie: The True Story of the World's Most Famous Bear.
Megan writes reviews about children's books that she reads with
her two little ones as well as adult books,
so I can find great new reading suggestions to enjoy with my Little Muppet!

Megan also loves sharing recipes like this one,
that will have you pinning them to save and create for sure!

Comment below telling us your all-time favorite book for an extra entry
into our Tiger Mamma Giveaway. 

You could win a brand new copy of 
Life of Pi,
Sleep Like a Tiger, 
and The Illustrated Compendium of Amazing Animal Facts.
In particular, I'm excited to give away a copy of
The Illustrated Compendium of Amazing Animal Facts
by Maja Säfström.
She is a Swedish illustrator and I have her book in Swedish.
Svea adores it and Maja's illustrations are just incredibly beautiful!

(The rest of our other amazing prizes.)

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