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Tiger Mamma Giveaway Feature: The Correas - A Mamma & Her Boys

A lot of people have asked me in the past,
"Why do you blog?"
I guess the answer has always been the same.
I blog because I want to preserve precious memories,
the things that make me happy,
and write my feelings as a record of who I am.
As I read Andrea's blog,
The Correas - A Mamma & Her Boys,
it's clear that she blogs for those same important reasons.

Whether she's writing about how she marvels at the privilege of being a mamma
to her two adorable little boys,
or sharing a family recipe that she loves,
her passion for family, traditions, and celebrating life
is contagious!

One of my favorite posts of hers
is the birth story of one of her sons.
I've always loved reading birth stories because
I feel that it's beautiful to be able to share in that special memory
with other mothers. 

Her deep love for her little boys
and their adventures is inspiring
and I love following along on the journey of other mothers
sharing their joy. 

Check out her description of what being a Tiger Mamma means to her!

Comment below with one thing that you love about your mother for an extra entry 
and enter via Rafflecopter for more!

You could win a pair of Freshly Picked moccasins for the little in your life
in the size and color of your choice
for them to create new adventures in.
Plus so many other amazing prizes!

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