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Tiger Mamma Giveaway Feature: Fun on a Dime

When I was a little girl,
I can still vividly recall days where
my brother and I would complain to our mom that there was
"Nothing to do!"
I'm certain that hearing those words were her biggest pet peeve
and yet she always made sure that we had a million options
of fun things to do
(and chores if we still complained).
One of the things I wanted to be good at as a mother
was just that;
I wanted to be able to come up with ideas for fun activities to enrich my kids' imaginations
and help them learn.

Michelle of Fun on a Dime
obviously has some incredible crafty super powers
and creates all sorts of blog posts that are just perfect for me to do with my little lady!

As a Mamma to her own three kiddos,
Michelle shares on her blog some of the amazing ideas
for crafts, recipes, and activities to do with little ones.

Not only that,
but she and her blog partner, Courtney,
also share a lot of tips for teaching children life skills and lessons.
It's so nice to read their posts
and feel like there is a community of support for moms out here on the internet.

One of Michelle's recent posts that I loved was
about different ways to freeze lemons!
You'll have to check it out if you have citrus trees.
We LOVE our lemon trees and I'm always having to figure out
how to save more lemons and lemon juice
to create yummy, lemon-flavored treats with Svea.
Check it out here!

And of course there are tons of crafts and activities for you to check out on her blog too!

Comment below with one of your favorite crafts/ activities to do with kids
for an extra entry!

You could win a tiger dress up mask to add to dress up time fun
along with tons of other amazing tiger themed prizes!

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