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Tiger Mamma Giveaway Feature: Outside Everywhere

As children,
we spend countless hours lost in play.
We imagine entire worlds,
come up with stories to act out,
and every toy has a personality.

When I was pregnant with Svea,
I tried to envision her playing around our house.
We perused aisles of baby goods
and aisles of toys just imagining
and I found myself shocked at how many toys
I didn't want her to have.
From dolls with pounds of makeup caked on that looked like they'd had plastic surgery
to plastic animals that were so sloppily made that the paint for the eye wasn't even on the eye indent,
it sparked a new chapter of my life where I had to begin thinking again
about toys.

As I've reached out into the community looking for
good toys,
I've ended up simply falling in love with handmade ones.
I know firsthand what it is like to create with your hands
to try to support your family
and also raise your children.
And those are the type of honest, hardworking toys makers I want to support.
Their carefully made creations
are the things I want my daughter admiring and playing with each day. 

Allison of Outside Everywhere
is one of those amazing toy makers who I found.
She designs and creates handmade wooden toys
of all types and her waldorf animals are just beautiful.
Another neat thing about Allison's creations is
that she finishes each one with her own special
homemade, vegan wood cream
(partially made with essential oils).
The pictures don't do it the finish justice
because you can't see just how soft and smooth they are.

They are perfect for any little one
and no worries about them getting chemicals in their system
transferred from their hands to mouth.
Her toys are as safe as they are lovely.
Megan has a huge selection of
toys and animals
and also takes custom orders if you need something truly unique made!

Some of our favorite toys of hers
are the ocean animals

Comment below telling us your favorite animal from Allison's shop
(not including the tigers)
for extra entries into our giveaway!

You could win a Mamma and Baby tiger set
from Allison's shop,
Along with the rest of our amazing prizes!

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