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Tiger Mamma Giveaway Feature: Real Life, On Purpose

Blogging is a great outlet for many things.
Preserving memories about our children,
Writing out feelings that we need to express,
And even putting things into words that we need to remind ourselves of.
However, bloggers are not all as outgoing as they seem.
I would describe myself to others as an extroverted introvert.
In a comfortable situation with people who I know, I am talkative and happy.
But put me into a situation where I don’t know anyone
and I will inevitably walk circles around the food table until someone
starts a conversation with me.
I get anxiety when I have to interact with and please too many people at once.

is one of those people who I related to immediately when I met her a few years ago
at a blogger meet up
and who instantly knew how to make me feel at ease
because she is just a real and discerning person.
She has an innate ability to understand what a person needs to feel supported
And then acts on it to show them that support.

On her blog, Jen includes a beautiful balance of the happiness we can experience in life
and the candid words that so many people out there (myself included) 
need to hear about the stresses and hardships 
that we can face both physically and mentally.

True to the name of her blog
Jen writes about “Real Life” 
and it amazes me how often I am reminded from her posts 
that there is wonder and growth in the trials that we face
and that they should make us all the more grateful for the peace and comfort 
we can choose to feel in the calm moments of our lives.

One of her recent posts about setting boundaries for herself seemed like
she had written it specifically for me.
I’m glad I’m not the only person in the world who wants to please the people she loves,
but struggles with finding a balance.
Jen constantly reminds me in so many ways that I’m not alone
And I don’t think there’s a more noble thing a person can do for a friend.

I am also inspired by the way she chronicles the special moments she gets to have 
with her three sweet babies.
I aspire to capture memories of Svea like that 
and record how much they meant to me.

As if you needed to know anything else before you rush over and follow Jen’s blog,
I should warn you that she is also the master of incredible cake recipes,
I mean ones that will have you drooling all over your keyboard.
SO there's that amazingness too. 

Comment below telling us about someone who inspires you for an extra entry
into our Tiger Mamma Giveaway. 

You could win a vinyl copy of “Eye of the Tiger” for those days when you just need some jams to remind you to keep going and find peace in the small moments. 
Plus it's one of Mila's , Jen's little girl, favorite songs
and I know for a fact that Mila has good taste. :)

(The rest of our other amazing prizes.)

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