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Tiger Mamma Giveaway Feature: Sweet Littles Handmade

When Svea got big enough
that she wanted to play with dolls,
I began to keep an eye out for the types of dolls
she might like
and that I would want to get for her.
I soon found a handmade doll shop
on instagram
and after clicking on some of the hashtags
from that shop's posts,
I also discovered the whole world of doll makers.

I found women from all over the world,
every state and countless countries,
who had created their own styles and art forms of dolls
and sold them to support themselves
and their families.
Suddenly I gained a deep appreciation for
these mothers all over the world
who were stitching all night long while their little ones slept.

It was not long before I discovered one of my very favorite doll makers.

Katy of Sweet Littles Handmade
is a hard working mamma
who puts immense passion and creativity into her lovely dolls
as she supports her sweet family.
Katy's dolls have such a unique look
and are perfect for lots of snuggling from your little!
She comes up with new ideas all the time
that are just stunning
like her recent Pegasus dolls.

Svea loves the dolly that I got for her from Katy's shop
and its arms are the perfect size for her to hold onto.
when she sleeps or plays with it.
Svea also loves to rubs her cheek against her dolly
because her outfit is so soft. 
Katy even creates
and Sweet Minis
so you can literally find any size that your heart desires!

For our Tiger Mamma Giveaway
Katy created a special tiger dolly that is beyond adorable
with heart lips and a darling twirly skirt.
Comment below telling us your favorite doll from Katy's shop
for extra entries into our giveaway!

You could win a this handmade tiger dolly,
Along with the rest of our amazing prizes!

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