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Tiger Mamma Giveaway

When I was a little girl, 
(somewhere around third grade)
my class took a trip to the library for a reading break. 
I wish schools still did things like that because it was in 
those quiet moments with the freedom of hundreds of choices
when I learned to love reading immensely. 
Anyway, on that particular trip
I opened a magazine about animals 
and stumbled across an article that I proceeded to devour word-for-word. 

It was an article about how tigers are some of the best mothers in nature. 
Unlike other animals who simply birth their offspring and leave
or protect their offspring solely so they'll survive,
tigers actually nourish, snuggle, play with, and bond with their offspring. 
I was fascinated to read about how they teach their young different skills, 
provide them with opportunities, 
and observe them as they practice. 
As I studied more about tigers I learned about how they are 
(in my opinion)
the most versatile of the big cats. 
They can run just as well as they can swim and climb up trees. 
But over and over I was impressed with their mothering skills. 
I have always known that I wanted to be a mother 
and that deep love was a part of my soul, 
so it seemed that these creatures stepped into my heart as well. 

Now I know there is a movement about being a "Tiger Mother" meaning that 
you push your child toward success in a demanding manner.
I mean I guess what I have to say about that movement is, "You do you honey."

But I have read too many books and articles on tigers to count
and the way that I look at being a Tiger Mother means 
being loving,
being patient,
protecting my child from harm when necessary,
and sacrificing to teach my child all that she needs or wants to know.

So unlike many of you out there who adorned your walls with 
boy bands or movie posters (both cool)
I pinned up terribly-printed (from my home computer) photos of tigers
all over the place.

Others look at them as a symbol of fashion for their stripes
or a symbol of determination for their big golden eyes, 
but I looked at those gorgeous animals and was inspired by the way they mothered
and the majesty that they displayed in that calling. 

I spent every visit to our local zoo pressed up against the glass 
watching a mother tiger care for her three growing tiger cubs
and I doodled tigers all over my school folders. 
I even got to hold a baby tiger at a function raising money for tiger preservation once. 
It was one of the most incredible things I've been able to do. 
And afterwards, I watched them give that tiny cub back to its mother
as she cleaned it and pulled it close. 
That was what I wanted to be. 

I wanted to be a mother 
who gave my child all of the opportunities she needed 
to learn all that was important,
while simultaneously loving her through her growing and learning process. 

Now I've heard people say that motherhood is just a part of them
and that they are still their own person. 
I think that's so stinkin' awesome!
I am the same way, 
except that motherhood is probably the biggest part of who I am. 
I was a big sister to four siblings
and always the "mother" of my friend groups 
so motherhood was more about who I am than how many children I was going to have. 
It has always been about loving the people around me. 

So as I recently planned to decorate a little corner of our home to be a reading nook for me, 
I thought that it should reflect that biggest and deepest part of who I am. 
A mother (or in Swedish - a Mamma). 

I can't wait to do a little reveal of the reading nook later, 
but it made me so happy to put it together that I decided to share in my fun 
and collaborated with some amazing bloggers and shops 
to bring you some tiger and reading nook themed prizes 
for you mommies and minis out there who might enjoy them 
just as much as I do!

I was very lucky to get to collaborate with these lovely bloggers and shops
and I can't wait to share more about them in posts as the giveaway continues:

MeganRuth of Alohamora: Open a Book   Ali of Our Happily Ever After           

                           Freshly Picked               Andrea of The Correas - A Mama & Her Boys

Allison of Outside Everywhere         Michelle of Fun on a Dime     

You can check back to see my daily blog posts and comment for extra entries. 
"Entries for what?" you say. 
"What neat things are your amazing blogger and shop-owning friends sharing with us?"
Well, since you asked...
Here are the lovely items you can win from out Tiger Mamma Giveaway!

So what does being a Tiger Mamma mean to you? 
Comment below for an extra entry and get all of the entries that you want below
and on my instagram page. 

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