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Diaper Bag Must-Have: Gerber Lil' Beanies

Well, around here, a man-eating (just about)
toddler has pretty much taken over our house.
Our little lady is ALWAYS hungry
and so I'm always trying to get creative
with new snacks for her.

I always have very specific snacks specifications
that I look for too since
it gets hot here in Arizona
and I can't lug around snacks that will melt or go bad
(which seems like a majority of them).
I also can't stand when I can't hand
the poor girl snacks in the car because
they'll drip all over her
or stain her clothes.

Recently Gerber reached out to us
(insert girly squeal here because we love Gerber)
and asked us to try one of their brand new snacks.
Ummm let's think about this.
Svea, do you want more yummy food?
Ok. YAS.

We headed over to Target
(you know, since it's our second home)
to pick up some of Gerber's Lil' Beanies snacks
and try them out.
Svea was literally so hungry
(after just having lunch)
that I had to beg her to wait to eat them
until after we checked out.
She would have made it too
had I not gotten, er, lost
in the home decor section.
We picked out both of the yummy new flavors
of Lil' Beanies:

-White Cheddar & Broccoli

Svea was thrilled to try out some delicious snacks
and I was hopeful that this healthy snack
would be tasty and a perfect diaper bag addition.
Sure enough,
when my little lady tried them out
she instantly loved them.
Me, I was ecstatic!
These navy bean-based snacks with 2 grams of protein,
1 gram of fiber,
and vitamin E,
were not only delicious
(to both of us)
but they also don't drip, melt, or stain!
Baked and made with no genetically engineered ingredients,
I realized that we had a winner
for our diaper bag go-to snack stash!
Now they've become a staple in our diaper bag, 
perfect for snacking anywhere, 
and no worries about melty sticky food!
Head over to your local Target
and pick up a tin of Lil' Beanies for your next diaper bag stock up
and see if you don't love them more than your little one. (wink)

This post is sponsored by Gerber, but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

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