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Letter to a Two Year Old

My Little Muppet, 

I don't know how to begin except, 
how did we get here?

Wasn't it just yesterday that I held you in my arms for the first time?
I have painfully begun to realize the strange way
that time jumps to warp speed 
when we get to the most precious parts of our lives. 
It's so hard for me to say goodbye to each phase of your life 
as you grow a little bigger, 
but I love seeing the new things you learn and who you become. 
So I'll try to focus on the excitement of all of your new adventures
and keep those precious memories of you as a newborn babe
safe forever in my heart. 

You are two years old now!
Your birthday was such a wonderful occasion. 
We woke you up, just like your last birthday, 
by filling up your bed with balloons! 
You were in heaven 
and you didn't even want to get out.

After playing in your balloons while we sang 
"Ja må du leva"
several times to you, 
we finally got you out to check out your gift. 

We got you a doll bed for your Nalle 
and any of your other dollies that you have really
begun to love playing with.
I sewed the bed a little quilt at three am the night before 
so it would be ready for you. 

You walked into the room and tucked Nalle in for a moment, 
but then you thought he was having too much fun in there without you, 
so you hopped in too. 
Then you laughed at yourself because you are pretty hilarious. 

After playing with your doll bed, 
we took you into the kitchen for breakfast. 
Pappa made you S-shaped pancakes
(just like last year)
and Mamma put your favorite toppings on them
(strawberries and whipped cream).
We sang happy birthday again 
and you were happy as a lark. 

Your birthday was on a Sunday this year, 
so we got ready for church after you finished eating
and snapped some family photos before heading out. 

You got new shoes for your birthday as well
and you LOVED them. 
You were so excited about having shoes with laces. 

 After church we went over to see your Uncle JJ
get a whole bunch of merit badges!
Then everyone headed home to Mormor and Morfar's house
to have dinner with you. 
I made baked macaroni and cheese and all of your favorite fruit
and Mormor made lots of yummy finger foods.
One of your favorite treats to eat are "munkar" 
so I wrapped your other gift in donut wrapping paper
and made your cake a donut cake. 
It tasted a lot better than it looked. 

After you finished your own slice of cake
you walked around and helped everyone else finish too. 
Uncle JJ was a good sport and practically fed you his whole piece. 

You finished the day with kisses from your Mormor and Morfar,
your Gammel Mormor and Gammel Morfar,
your Grandma and Grandpa Great, 
your great great Aunt Eva and Uncle Joe, 
your Auntie Ti and Uncle JJ, 
your Mamma and Pappa, 
and even your Bamse and Saga. 

You are so very loved Svea Elaine. 
All that we did for you for your birthday was so trivial 
in relation to the happiness that you bring to our lives,
but I loved celebrating you.

You are my purpose.
Each day when you sit and tell me all the names of the Muppets on "The Muppet Show."
Each time you count and then fly down the park slide into my arms. 
Each time you listen intently and make remarks like, "Oh no!" while I read a book to you. 
Each time you name all of the food on your plate.
Each time you kiss the phone to send love to whatever family member we are Facetiming.
Each time you say, "Goo Boyee!" (good boy) to Bamse. 
Each time you grab my face in the dark with your little hands 
and kiss my lips to make sure I'm still there when you sleep next to me during naps. 
Each time you lay your head on my chest to rest in my arms...

You give me purpose. 
I waited my whole life to be your mamma
and I will always love you.

Life is not easy, Little One.
No matter how much you struggle,
or how much you hurt, 
or how far you fall, 
or how broken your heart is.
I will love you
and I will lift you as much as I can.

Happy second birthday, 
my Little Muppet. 

Puss och Kram, 
 Photography: Freckled Lemonade PhotographyDress: 3claps
Floral Headband: Monroe & HarlowHandmade Doll: Dancey Pants Disco
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