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Mamma's Reading Nook Reveal

Well, it's finally here!
After my last giveaway I shared Svea's 
and this time I'm back at it to share 
my own little reading space. 

As I planned what I wanted to do, 
I just wanted to create a little corner that really 
represented me. 
and decided to incorporate tigers 
(one of my favorite animals -
the other is whales and you can see Svea's whale themed nursery here).
I also decided that my nook would reflect the biggest part of who I am-
a mother.
What started out as a dusty back hallway
with an inconvenient chunk of 
the back of our living room fireplace taking up most of it,
has transformed into one of my favorite parts of the house!
This back hallway was in dire need of some love,
cleaning up, 
and color.
I knew that the most important part of this little nook
would be the chair that I would be spending time reading in.
It had to bring together the space 
and be extremely comfortable. 
I searched for the style that I wanted and the budget range I was hoping for, 
but I couldn't find anything that fit.
Finally Lance and I headed out one Saturday 
to check all of our local thrift stores 
and see if we could find any leads. 

We walked into the closest Goodwill to our home 
and I didn't find anything until 
I walked around the last stack of piled junk and saw "her." 

Absolutely perfect condition, $20 price tag, swiveled and rocked smoothly, 

and matched my vision just beautifully. 

As I was hyperventilating while we checked out,

 the cashier informed us that it was their special 50% off day of the month, so she was only $10! 

I cannot believe how often our Father in Heaven sees my insignificant desires 

and helps me out in the most loving way. 

I named her Pemberley and she is the heart of my reading nook.

I love to create 
and so I wanted to include something I'd made 
and the creations of other makers that I really love
to inspire me.
I hand-embroidered a hoop to go with my theme.
Tiger Art Print: Signed Sweet, Frames & Lamp: IKEA

And I added our mamma dolls from our favorite shops. 
They were just what I needed to make the space
truly special.
Handmade Purple-Haired Mamma Doll: Three and Three Heirloom Dolls,
Handmade Hooded Mamma Doll: Poppy and Owl - Puppa Dolls 

I also decided to include a small reminder 
of each of my "mothers."
To remind me of my mother I added a record player 
with my "Eye of the Tiger" record
to remind me how music can fill my soul with joy. 
My mother taught me so much about music
and exposed me to every genre as I grew up. 
Record Player: Urban Outfitters

To remind me of my Grandma Elaine, 
I added her book that was given to me
with her writing on the inside,
Motherhood: A Partnership with God,
to remind me to be my best self 
and know that she is with me each day.

To remind me of my mother-in-law, Linda, 
I added the two lovely glass belles
that she gave me when I married my husband
to remind me that being classy and kind
is more important than being on trend and being perfect.
To remind me of my Grandma Sue, 
I added a framed photo of a tiger art print
that she cut the mat for
to remind me of her talents in beautifying her home
and her willingness to help me teach me new things. 

To remind me of my Grandma Deanna
I added a big blanket 
to remind me of the countless times, 
that she's found me asleep in different places all over her house
and has made time to find a blanket 
and tuck me in with love. 
To remind me of my Great Aunt Eva,
I added Pemberley, the chair, 
to remind me of the summers
that I spent in her beautiful home
and the evenings that I spent sprawled across her lap 
in a chair or on a couch
as she tickled my back 
and talked to me about my hopes and dreams.

To remind me of my Great Grandma Helen 
I added the Swedish copy of 
one of my favorite books
to remind me that heritage 
and where you come from 
are just as important as where you want to go in life. 

To remind me of my Great Grandma Leola
I added the tiger that she brought home 
from her world travels 
and let me play with every time I visited her 
when I was small
to remind me that the smallest things in each day
can be the most important.
Swedish Copy of The Illustrated Compendium of Amazing Animal Facts: Majasbok

My husband helped me paint a fresh coat of white paint, 
I arranged all of the frames and decor on the walls, 
we hung the shelves, 
and I covered up the ugly, yellow glass with a pink curtain. 

Now I look at my corner 
and I am reminded of all of the magnificent women 
who I have privileged to love
and be loved by
and it gives me a little perspective each day. 
It brings me joy 
and I love it.
Handmade Wooden Tigers: Outside Everywhere, Tiger Outfit: Mini Rodini
Julius the Tiger Bonnet & Blanket: Salt City Emporium, Pink Maxi Dress: The Magpie Company
I also had to add a cup rack so I could have
my favorite mugs right by me
to fill and sip while I read.
Hanging Cup Rack: IKEA, Peacock Mug & Octopus Mug: Anthropologie, Mint Mug: Oh Joy for Target
Letter Board: Letterfolk, Pink Curtain: IKEA
Mr. Darcy Doll: BabyLit, Needle Felted Tiger Hoop: Sewn By the Beach
Framed photo taken by Rennai Hoefer, Baby Carrier by Dancey Pants Disco & Tula
Handmade Red Mamma Doll: Humble Toys
Handmade Tiger Doll: Sweet Little Handmade
Handmade Pink-Haired Mamma & Brunette Little Girl Dolls: Les Petites Mains
Handmade Yellow-Hooded Mamma Doll: Dancey Pants Disco
Handmade Blue-Hooded Mermaid Mamma Doll: Forest Creature Dolls
Handmade Black Mamma & Mini Bears: Common Folke
Handmade Tiny House: Jessica Jane Handmade, Baby Moccs: Freshly Picked
To conclude, I'd like to share the good news 
that our Tiger Mamma Giveaway winner is...
Drumroll please...
Congratulations! You have 24 hours to email me
and get me your information 
or another winner will be drawn.
Thanks for reading! 
I hope my little nook inspired you to create a happy space
for yourself.
What was your favorite part of the nook?
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